PURE Business

We’re in the business of purity. Pure products. Pure business. Pure respect for the world in which we operate through a strong commitment to sustainability. Pure respect for our business partners and our employees. And, above all, pure respect for the commitments we make: we always deliver on our promises.

Ecology, environment, health and safety, ethical responsibility and economic responsibility are all at the heart of how we conduct our business. The ambition to constantly improve is what drives us.

Morubel supports sustainable development of shrimp fisheries and aquaculture. We actively promote MSCASC, GLOBALG.A.P. and BSCI.

Respect for everything we do

Our employees, including people working in our supply chain, are treated in a decent and respectful manner, according to the workers' rights as stipulated in the BSCI code of conduct and the ETI code. Morubel is a SEDEX B member (ZC1046241) and is SMETA 4 pillar audited. This means Morubel's legal, social and environmental compliance is third party audited (SGS). 

Morubel is a member of Amfori. We help upgrade working conditions with all our suppliers in risk countries through an improvement programme - which includes social audits. Morubel has a seat on the BSCI food and primary production working group that takes on board specific items for these sectors to which seafood processing, aquaculture and fisheries belong.

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Costa Rica Farm

Our organic shrimp come from our own organic Vannamei farm in Costa Rica. This farm, CorporaciĆ³n Terranova Marina, is  EU Organic and Naturland certified. It produces up to 350MT per year. With it's 160ha, this farm is  the second largest farm in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica Production Site

The processing plant, Rainbow Export Processing S.A., is Naturland and EU leaf certified. And  has FDA and EU registration. Since April 2017 Rainbow Export Processing is also IFS (higher level) certified. The plant has a cooking line, and a cold storage up to 100MT. 
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Pure Shrimp Initiative


Morubel is proud to announce the Pure Shrimp Initiative. The Pure Shrimp Initiative merges Morubel’s Pure business concept and Ristic’s Clean Shrimp Initiative. It encompasses our commitment to develop social, environmental and sustainable structures in the sourcing of shrimp and sustainable business throughout our entire supply chain. We focus on improving projects that aim at viable shrimp production, involving local partners.

The initiative benefits the trade because we can guarantee qualitative and safe products to the consumers, and offer retailers the opportunity to also take a more active part in selected Pure Shrimp Initiative projects.
At this moment; Pure Shrimp Initiative is working on several projects;

  • The preservation of natural mangrove forests in India and Costa Rica

  • The traditional production of black tiger prawns in West Bengal, India

  • The red shrimp project in Patagonia
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