Tropical Wild Catch Prawns

Morubel uses the family name Penaeidae to denominate a group of tropical wild catch prawns and shrimp, sold in a mix as they are caught (pinks and browns) or by specific species such as P. indicus, P. Stylifera (Caricadi), Metapenaeus affinis, Metapenaeus monoceros, P. japonicus, Metapenaeus dobsoni, Protrachypene precipua ,P. semisulcatus,  …

PRODUCTS WITH Tropical Wild Catch Prawns

Seafood Mix

Our  seafood mix or cocktail combines a number of  cooked seafood species up to customer specification.  Ingredients can be: cocktail shrimp (cooked penaeidae, vannamei prawns, or coldwater shrimp), cooked mussel meat, surimi, cooked squid (pota) buttons, and optional loligo  tentackles,
The seafood mix can be offered in pillow bags, boxes of 250 to 400g or stand up bags, under Morubel or the customer’s brand. A sustainable mix with MSC certified mussel meat, coldwatershrimp and surimi is also a possiblity.

Crispy apero mix

Our  Crispy Apero Mix combines marinated, breaded shrimp and  breaded mussels. Different shrimp species possible, including ASC certified vannamei.
Other varieties in the Crispy range are Crispy Langoustines, Crispy Fish dips, Crispy prawns (scampi fritti).
Ideal as a snack or small appetizer,