Mussel meat

Morubel offers 2 popular mussel species: Mytilus chilensis and Mytilus edulis.  The first grows on ropes in the rich waters of Chile and the latter is dredged and rope grown in the North East Atlantic Ocean.  Mytilus chilensis come with ASC-certification while Mytilus edulis have a MSC certification.


Seafood Mix

Our  seafood mix combines a number of  cooked seafood species up to customer specification.  Ingredients can be: cocktail shrimp (cooked pink shrimp, vannamei prawns, or coldwater shrimp), cooked mussel meat, surimi, cooked squid (pota) buttons, and optional loligo  tentackles,
The seafood mix can be offered in pillow bags, boxes of 250 to 400g or stand up bags, under Morubel or the customer’s brand.

Seafood Casserole with white wine sauce

Our Sustainable Seafood Casserole combines MSC certified coldwater shrimp or ASC certified vannamei shrimp, mussel meat and cod  with a delicious white wine sauce.
A unique delicious and sustainable starter or main course served with rice or bread.
The seafood is individually coated with the sauce, keeping preparation time very short.

Crispy apero mix

Our  Crispy Apero Mix combines marinated, breaded shrimp and  breaded mussels from MSC certified fisheries.  Ideal as a snack or small appetizer,