Squid are cephalopods, a class which comprises around 300 species.  Species Morubel can offer include Dosidicus gigas (pota), Loligo,  Illex, Todarodes, depending on the application: in seafood cocktail, as squid rings, tentacles…

Squid are strong swimmers and certain species can 'fly' for short distances out of the water. Squid are caught at night by attracting them with light. The most spectacular species is Dosidicus gigas, called giant squid, Humboldt squid or pota. They can measure up to 2 metres (mantle), and have a reputation of being aggressive, thus their nickname “red devil”.


Seafood Mix

Our  seafood mix combines a number of  cooked seafood species up to customer specification.  Ingredients can be: cocktail shrimp (cooked pink shrimp, vannamei prawns, or coldwater shrimp), cooked mussel meat, surimi, cooked squid (pota) buttons, and optional loligo  tentackles,
The seafood mix can be offered in pillow bags, boxes of 250 to 400g or stand up bags, under Morubel or the customer’s brand.

Battered squid rings

Our  battered squid rings or "Calamar Romana" are part of our crispy range. A range of battered and breaded seafood which are ideal as a snack with drinks or to accompany a salad. Other products in this range are: Crispy Apero Mix (breaded mussels and breaded shrimp), breaded langoustines, breaded fish dips, breaded shrimp (scampi fritti) and breaded mussel meat.